About Us

Nancy Sutthoff is founder and Executive Director of Paraclete Associates Limited (PAL). Nancy has extensive experience in the public and private sectors and at the national and international levels in both scientific research and administration and in consumer advocacy/engagement with public health policy makers and government officials.

Nancy is an advocacy and policy/process expert.  She and the staff/affiliates of PAL understand the scientific research and information around THR, but also utilise it when engaging with policymakers and officials in the regulatory process at the national and international levels within the Asia Pacific region.

The team at PAL have represented consumers in government negotiations and can engage on your behalf, or with you and your organisation, towards your own representation regarding THR, be it advocating for risk proportionate regulation of Safer Nicotine Products (SNP), disseminating scientific information via policy statements or press releases on THR to mentoring and development of consumer advocacy organisations and THR focussed social media campaigns.

PAL’s staff and affiliates include expertise in law, consumer advocacy, public affairs, public health, government engagement/collaboration, trade and politics – mainly within the Asia Pacific region, but with contacts globally.