Policy Analysis and Development

Paraclete Associates have also consulted on the following programmes/campaigns:

Vape it Forward (New Zealand)

A program to assist smokers switch to Safer Nicotine Products through the mentoring process – Vapers Helping Vapers – in communities nationwide to assist people, in a non threatening/non medicalised manner, through education, mentoring and 24/7 support with a “vape buddy.”

AVCA Approved Vendors Programme:

This programme was initiated by the consumer members of AVCA to get the vendors of equipment and e liquid in New Zealand as a Memorandum of Understanding for self regulation.  A copy of the memorandum can be seen here

Asia Pacific Harm Reduction Manifesto

This is a policy paper that was developed for INNCO Asia Pacific Members to submit to their policymakers prior to the COP8 in Geneva 2018 to inform them of what consumers expected of their activities in THR and participation in the FCTC conference.  The manifesto can be downloaded from here.

World THR Day

This project/campaign is currently in development on a regional level (Asia Pacific) to coincide with the World Smokefree Day.   This social media campaign will highlight the benefits of switching to Safer Nicotine Products and evidence of those benefits.  Hashtags are: #APTHR and #WTHRDay